Rules Of Play
  • Whilst we take every care with your childrens security and safety they are ultimately the responsibility of the adults who accompany them. Children must be supervised at all times by the parent or responsible adult accompanying them. We do not accept any responsibility for child supervision whilst on our premises or using the equipment. Parents or a responsible accompanying adult must remain within the building at all times, please observe children to ensure they are capable of using the equipment safety.

Parents / Accompanying adults must explain these rules of play to their children
  • It is important children understand the safety rules when using the equipment to avoid collisions and injury. Staff are not provided to supervise your children. Parents/Guardians know their childs capacities and behavior best and so should ensure an appropriate level of supervision to reflect this.

  • Fun Farm Limited does not accept responsibility or liability for loss or injury caused through misuse of equipment or lack of supervision by a parent or adult. We cannot be held responsible for the actions of 3rd parties.

Dress Code
  • It is compulsory to wear socks at all times. Shoes, jewellery, badges, pens/pencils and any sharp objects must be removed. Clothing with sharp metal decoration may not be worn. To avoid friction burns, we recommended wearing long sleeved pops that can be tucked in and clothes that cover bare skin. Shoes should be worn in outdoor play area.

  • Adults are permitted to enter the play equipment with a child. Adults must remove their shoes before entering the play areas. Adults must also wear socks in the play areas. Adults must not use slides with children sitting on their lap.

  • Do not run on the premises or play chasing games it causes collisions and trips.

  • We do not accept responsibility or liability for the loss or damage to any personal possessions.

  • Slides should be used one person at a time making sure exit point is clear for landing. Go down slides feet first, on your back with arms crossed over chest. This prevents friction burns. Move away from bottom of slide as quickly as possible. Never climb up a slide as collision and injury may result.

Ball Pools
  • Do not jump into the ball pools or throw balls, it causes fights and collisions.

Food and Drink
  • Only food and drink purchased at the premise may be consumed on the premises. Food and drink must not be taken not be into the play frame at any. Please safeguard hot drinks from spillage on children. Crockery and cutlery are restricted to the seating area only. We provide facilities to heat baby food but we cannot be responsible for the temperature at which the food is fed to the child.

  • Children are not permitted to carry matches, fireworks or any combustible material anywhere in the plat centre. Smoking is not permitted inside premises. Toilet areas have smoke detectors fitted.

Aggressive Behavior
  • No form of bullying, unsociable or rough behavior will be tolerated by either children or adults. Anyone acting in this manner will be asked to leave. The decision is at the discretion of management and no refund will be given. Management reserves the right to refuse entry.

  • Any accident should be reported immediately to a member of staff and recorded in the accident book. There is no legal requirement to provide first aid for customers. However it is offered on a voluntary, goodwill basis by trained staff, but responsibility rests with supervising adults to seek. NHS medical advice in the event of an injury.

Baby Change
  • It is not permitted to change nappies in the public areas. We have provided a baby changing room for this purpose.